About Us

SOFT-PACT plans to deploy 80 fuel cell Combined Heat and Power (micro-CHP) systems across a number of EU member states with the assistance of a grant from the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU). The states selected will be based on a EU FC Market Opportunity Study, looking at the properties, services availability and policy and regulation support across the member states to determine the most favourable regions for initial deployment of the Fuel Cell based systems. The field trials will utilise Ceramic Fuel Cell’s GENNEX technology a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell with an electrical conversion efficiency of 60%, as a standalone BlueGen ‘add-on’ to a standard boiler based heating system, a modular BlueGen heating system (pathfinders) and a fully integrated fuel cell appliance (Fuel Cell, Boiler and Thermal Tank).

Insights and learnings from the BlueGen Pathfinder systems will help define the specification and design of the integrated fuel cell system for deployment on the second half of the project and highlight areas of the BlueGen system that should be focused on for optimisation and cost reduction. Barriers to deployment within the selected regions will also be discovered from the skills required for installation engineers, policy and regulations support needed and system hot water and heat usage requirements and physical constraints of the integrated FC appliance. 


Additionally the members of the consortium will promote FC knowledge to the general public through product placement, trialist recruitment campaigns and sponsoring and attending conferences.